My name is Jun Shu.

I’m a writer and visual artist. I’m also a wife and mom to two young children. Originally from China, currently I live in UAE, Abu Dhabi with my family. 

I loved writing as a child and have always kept a journal with me. After graduating with a BA in Journalism, I went on working with a Christian nonprofit for eight years before earning a MA in Christian Studies.

Growing up, I watched my dad collect and paint Chinese traditional paintings. Under his influence, I learned Chinese painting and calligraphy from a young age. However, I stopped practising painting since my teenage years.  

Thankfully, I picked up watercolour painting in the beginning of 2021 and it was an instant click. Painting helped me to reconnect with that creative little girl who I had ignored for decades. Now, along with writing, it’s my soul care and my unique offer. 

When I’m not writing or painting, I love walking by the lake, cups of coffee, smell of a flower, and getting lost in a great book. 

I hope you will find inspiration and beauty around here. 



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