Listen to Your Life

This is an upgraded version of The Promise of Becoming, 31 colourful pages and fully printable.

I added a stellar bonus content, “6 tips for finding time for creative work as a busy mom”. It is elegantly designed with several originally watercolour artwork of mine.

I believe this beautiful guide will not only provide you with more clarity on your faith and calling but will give you an artful experience while you dive into it.

It is now available for purchase. 🙂

Listen to Your Life

A guide to unlocking your creativity and walking confidently in your purpose

CHF 7.90


The Promise of Becoming

Are you searching for your life purpose, your assignment in the current season, or your creative outlet? Do you desire to know how you can make a unique contribution to the world and make it shine brighter?

If these questions resonate with you, the five essays in this booklet will make you feel less alone in the seemingly endless journey of searching, help you identify your authentic creative expressions and bring clarity to your purpose in your current season.

You can download it for free here. 

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